angelika & urs hildebrandt

Angelika and Urs are soil consultants advocating the Controlled Microbial Composting method, developed by Angelika Hildebrandt’s parents, the Luebkes, who worked with colleagues of Dr Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (who in turn had studied under Rudolf Steiner). They have an organic farm in Austria where use of this type of composting and compost teas has been shown to have impressive results including the increase in organic matter content on their farm from 2 to 15% over a ten year period.

Following the downwind fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, it was found that root vegetables across Austria were in danger of contamination. However, remarkably there were only two farms in Austria where root vegetables were found to be free of radioactive contamination in comparison to other farms in the region – one was the farm belonging to Angelika and Urs and the other was a farm which was following their aerobic method of composting.

Both Angelika and Urs have been advising us on our composting at The Land Gardeners and running workshops here in Oxfordshire and we have been following their controlled aerobic composting method and continue to work with them.