Helleborus niger – These little hellebores are happy outside at -2 or snuggled inside the Soane showrooms at 20plus degrees! Ooh those Soanites love the heat.  Amazingly they lasted for weeks on end inside with not a ray of natural light. And then we planted them back in the garden.
 Camellias – if the glossy lush foliage is not enough then be patient and after a few weeks you may be rewarded by some lovely buds opening.
 Henrietta arranging boughs of Rosemary at the back of Soane on an early Monday am.  Rosemary – heavenly scent in the depths of winter if temperatures do not plumet below -8 and if their feet are not too wet (plant in sandy well drained soil).
 Lonicera fragrantissima – winter flowering honeysuckle – in milder parts of the country bees love it in Febrauary, and so do we.  Other winter favourites are the leaves of Magnoila Grandiflora which last and last inside, Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) for its waxy flowers and its incredible smell and Viburnum x bodnantense Dawn, for its delicate scented pink flowers that sit starkly on smooth brown branches. And if you like a shock of yellow to brighten up your winter days - cut large boughs of forsythia and the yellow buds will open and flower for weeks in a vase.
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