Oh golly ... is this a case of biting off more than we could chew.... 
 We called in the reassuring  George - the type of man who will sort out all yew and box dilemmas (and the sort of man that makes a very large breakfast cup look like an expresso cup). He then proceeded to skillfully encourage a liberal supply of healthy plants at a good rate. 
 Here is George standing beside one of the pergola posts so we could work out sizing for new buttress beds on the top lawn. 
 Another area planted with wonderful yew hedging in the Edwardian period but we think it needs a bit more to break up a long herbacious border and talk to its surroundings.
 A picture of the existing buttress beds in Country Life in 1914.    GEORGES HOT TIP TO REVIVE BOX     Take a well rotted lime (or a whole bag if you have a long hedge) - blend it and add one part to 10 parts water - put under plant when planting or if reviving sick box - make samll holes around the drip line and pour in the liquid. Apparently a trick used in August to make box look perfect for Chelsea in May!!
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