Leeks - This very fine seed does like a bit of bottom heat if you have any. here we have just put them in a cool green house. Be careful not to over water. The word leek comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for the plant, leac. The leek, like its relatives the onion and garlic, has been known as a food plant for thousands of years. Over 1,200 years before Christ, the Israelites in the Sinai wilderness longed for the leeks, onions, garlic, meat and other foods they had known in Egypt (Numbers 11:4-6).The emperor Nero ate great quantities of leeks under the delusion that they improved his voice.Beginning in antiquity, soldiers of many centuries believed that carrying a leek in battle would assure safety and victory. In the 6th century, St. David, the patron saint of Wales, directed the Welshmen to wear leeks in their caps to identify themselves in their successful battle against Saxon invaders. To commemorate the victory, the leek was made the national emblem of Wales. 
 Cerinthe Major (Honeywort) - was planted in seed trays from last years collected seed. This plant has a long association with bee.  More than 2000 years ago, Virgil described using this plant as an offering to swarming bees in order to entice them into a new hive:  "Here sprinkle the odors ordained, crushed balm and lowly tufts of honeywort, and make a tinkling round about and clash the cymbals of the goddess Mother; they will settle on the scented seat and in their way creep into the inmost covert of their nest. "     
 Here is Phil checking his new charges.   We planted  Broad beans  in trays - you can plant these into the garden now but beware of jackdaws and mice. We find it easier to transplant once they are 10 - 15cm high.   Parsley  also went in -  ideally it is good to have some bottom heat and to cover the seed trays - takes 3-6 weeks.   And lastly in went the  Sweet peas  - we only sow spring sweet peas. Apart from flowering a little later there is not much difference in performance. We will keep sewing every couple of weeks till April as we like having sweet peas through out the summer. We planted 5 seeds in 9cm pots.
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