tim brookes - cornwall, uk

 Tim Brookes is a gardener based in north Cornwall. His aim is to develop the compost windrow process to use on his client’s gardens.

He built his first windrows with straw, horse manure, garden greens, copious amounts of thistles (carbon), clay and biodynamic innoculants.

He has found as the weather is so damp in the west he has needed to keep the windrows covered with the Toptex covers to prevent them from becoming too wet.

As much of the material is bulky, he has started to use a shredder to cut up the larger material which has made turning the pile easier and faster and has improved the speed at which it decomposes.

The challenge for him is that he he can only measure the windrows twice a week when he is at the client’s garden. 

He is now exploring fermenting large amounts of grass clippings with SESO.